We were all Misfits at some point in our career. We found our fit.

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When I started typing this testimonial,I first wrote "It's great to work for a company...", but writing that felt weird because I don't feel like I work for a company,Ifeel I am part of the company. My ideas and input are equally important as everyone else's. We work as a team, and a darn good one at that! I enjoy helping clients find the employees that "fit" in their company the way I feel I have found "fit" here.

- Laura

After working many years in an environment that preferred the cold, unemotional approach to doing business it was nice to finally go to work in a place where everyone shared a passion for "making it work" for not only themselves but for our clients. HiringSmart is a company that lives, breathes and dreams the right "fit philosophy"... they also humour my childlike love of potlucks and tacky tourist spots and I think that's pretty awesome!

- Robyn

Six+ years ago, I came to HiringSmart after twenty-four years in the insurance industy. As a person who loves numbers, spreadsheets, forms (as a kid, I used to create forms just so I could fill them out), pushing out paper and organizing things, you'd think being an underwriter would be the perfect job. And when I started doing it (more years than I care to admit) it was. Over time, the round peg in a round hole became a square one, but the round peg stayed the same. Ouch!

Here at HiringSmart, it doesn't hurt anymore; round peg is back in a round hole. As the Stage Manager/Administrative Head/Wicked Witch, I do the kind of work I love to do while,at the same time, learning new stuff every day because the scene around here varies every day. I get to use my psychic powers for good, not evil. it's fun to come to work. We HiringSmartie,s respect and embrace each other's differences and the different things we all need to fit our work into our lives, not the other way around. And I have the best assistant in the world.

- Esther

Tall Ships Esther


Tim and Jan

I wanted to create a place for myself and others where we could all do work that we believed in, stuff that really matters. The best part of all is I get to spend my time around people I genuinely enjoy working with - HiringSmart and clients.

- Tim

I pulled the pin on my career and left the corporate world (as an employee, at least) more than a decade ago, mostly becauseI kept finding that I became less and less happy over time. Even though I was really good at what I did, I felt like a misfit. As I built my consulting business, I met literally thousands of people who exuded that same quiet despair I had felt – they felt empty at work, and sometimes outright hated it, but they didn’t dare dream there might be something better for them.

My biggest dream is that we can change that reality. We’re changing the world, one hire at a time. In order to accomplish that, we need first to lead by example – by creating a place where people can come to work feeling energized by our mission, where they can spend the day playing to their strengths and getimmediate feedback on the difference they make.

You can’t appreciate what’s the right fit for you until you’ve experienced the wrong fit. Every one of us has been there, and so we obsess about creating an environment that’s fluid enough to accommodate each person’s needs as they evolve over time

- Jan